Nov. 21st, 2012 07:33 am
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I need to bake pies tonight.
Pumpkin and cheater cheesecake. I only bake "real" cheesecake if strongson will be here to eat it, as nobody else either cares/prefers/knows a difference between the instant-easy-version with eagle milk and the far-more-labor-involved baked cheesecake.
I need to:
Find a table.
Remember to stop by the bank and gourmet chef after work to get more whippy cream chargers.
Put the roast in the crock pot this morning for supper. I could not get carrots for my roast. All they had at the commissary were those two-pound bags of carrots, so I figured I could buy a couple at miracle mart when picking up the turkey.
No dice.
All they had were those two-pound-bags of carrots.
I wanted one carrot. Possibly two.
I wanted to cook the carrots with my roast, not because we want the carrots but because they add something to the roast. We will not eat them after they are cooked.
Unlike the character in green eggs and ham, I **have** tried them. Many times. But I do not like cooked carrots. The cute guy does not like carrots, not cooked, not raw -- nor any other way.
Bells at 6, which means I cannot start pie baking until after I get home from there. There really is not time to do it between when I will get home from work and when I have to leave for bells.


Nov. 16th, 2012 07:40 am
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Personally, I would do better with three days off before Thanksgiving instead of three days after, but that is the way this silly system works. If I got to write the school calendar, the Christmas break would end the 27th of Dec, with the extra week off before Christmas instead of after Christmas.
"New Years Eve" is a holiday for amature drunks, not schoolchildren.
Decided on my recipiants for charitable donations for next year. I have decided to formulate a canned response to all the billions of calls I get requesting donations for XYZ.
Need to call the moosekateers this morning to nail down those extra dance dates that were thrust upon me. I have to see which dates we can use the moose for before I call the parker for the rest, as several of these dates are not going to be available at the moose.
I am actually glad to have extra Friday-night dances, to be sure -- I just do not like the underhanded sleight-of-hand way this schedule was changed, and I am feeling pissy that the actual nuts-and-bolts work of nailing down the venues was dumped onto me.
One of those things, I guess...
For the lessons, the bone they tossed was to have a "schedule" for "others" to "step up and do the set up and clean up" so it was not always on us. I need to list my camera dates for this little ditty and have them in my square dance stuff -- there are a few dates where I would rather be elsewhere instead of playing girl scout leader to the dance lesson students.
Everything gets scheduled on Monday nights -- last year, there were at least five Mondays where there were two or three other things we/I had to turn down/miss because of the committment to giving these dance lessons. Which, in all honesty, if I was actually a part of the lessons and not just playing at being the hostess keeping all of the crap moving along, would not have left me so pissy about having to miss...
If I actually got to DANCE at the dance lessons, it would not be so aggravating.


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