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We officially lit the Christmas season on Saturday. Outside. Inside, I need to finish hauling the Thanksgiving stuff down to the basement and start bringing up the Christmas stuff.

All pictures work safe, grandma safe, kid safe. Dial up warning does apply.

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May. 1st, 2013 09:10 am
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Got my "everblooming" lilacs from spring hill in the mail yesterday. Being eternal optimists, they seem to think we are past our last frost.
Silly them.
My lilac bush - I am down to one - still has no leaves yet.
Our last frost comes near the end of this month.
Memorial Day weekend is the recommended planting time for such stuff here. August first is the best time to plant things like tulip and daffodil bulbs, btw...
So as I was unpacking the baby lilac plants - these stay small, about the size of a rosebush, and do not spread like real lilacs - I still need to get more real lilacs to plant this year as well - but as I was unpacking them, the cute guy was singing Taps to my plants and telling them to make a break for it. He warned them about my brown thumb. Scaring the poor things before they ever get planted might not be a good plan.
Silly boy.
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Not pleased with the re-appearance of BadPenny.
Yes, I do realize that these poorly-timed reappearances are a hallmark of bad pennies everywhere -- but I am still not pleased.
Cocoa has an owie. I started putting booboo cream on it the day before yesterday -- the cute guy was using peroxide to clean it for several days before that - as she keeps it scratched he dug out the cone of shame so I could put the booboo cream on it and she will not keep scratching it open. Hopefully it will clear up quickly now that she cannot keep tearing it open.
More pictures
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Today is some sort of weird training day for the teachers. The kids will get out early, so we had to re-schedule the 3rd graders that were supposed to have library this afternoon to Friday instead.
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Yesterday was an overallish cranky day.
It had some bright spots, but it mostly left me both cranky and dissatisfied.
Today will be a better day,
Because I decided it was going to be so.
I want to do something Christmassy in here today.
I still need to get going on my cards and I need to look at what I will be mailing for Christmas.
Daytime yard pictures:
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