Jul. 21st, 2015 10:12 am
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Had to wake up the puppydog this morning.
That was odd.
Normally she gets up and goes out while the cute guy is getting ready for work, but today she was sleeping late. I checked her to make sure she was just sleeping and not unconscious, and let her sleep. However, I finally decided that "sleeping till noon" was not an option for her any more than it was for my kids during the summer - yes, I was one of those mean old moms that still made the kids get up in the summertime!
Cocoa has reached that point where she sleeps more than she is awake.
Sad to see her aging so fast, but it is a fact of puppydog life.
I read Go Set A Watchman this week - once quickly, to see what happens, then once slowly, to savor. I do love the way she turns a phrase.
Supposed to be sunny all day, but it sure looks like rain...


Feb. 14th, 2013 01:52 pm
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It does not give me the option to return to the normal posting screen.
LJ, let me point out that I am not amused by this "update" to the platform.
I passed out my valentines before school this morning. After buying cards for 28 years of classroom exchanges by my kidlets, I had an amazing stash of "two of these and four of these" kiddie classroom valentines. So I made one for each of the students and even got a list of all the staff from the office secretary. (considering some of the people listed as "staff" on this list are people I have never laid eyes upon, the list was a blessing)
Now my big box of random valentines is pretty much gone, which is quite all right.
Each valentine got a piece of candy as well.
I was not going to be there this afternoon for the party -- Thursday I leave at noon, and the party is at 2:00.
Old school Sesame Street characters, Mickey Mouse and pals, Barbie and Ninja turtles...every one of these cards had a copyright date older than any of the kidlets on the receiving end!
Today is HRH Cocoa's birthday.
I should bake a cake or something.
So spellcheck is no longer an option???
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Not pleased with the re-appearance of BadPenny.
Yes, I do realize that these poorly-timed reappearances are a hallmark of bad pennies everywhere -- but I am still not pleased.
Cocoa has an owie. I started putting booboo cream on it the day before yesterday -- the cute guy was using peroxide to clean it for several days before that - as she keeps it scratched he dug out the cone of shame so I could put the booboo cream on it and she will not keep scratching it open. Hopefully it will clear up quickly now that she cannot keep tearing it open.
More pictures
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Today is some sort of weird training day for the teachers. The kids will get out early, so we had to re-schedule the 3rd graders that were supposed to have library this afternoon to Friday instead.


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