Aug. 25th, 2015 11:12 am
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Well, I tried to return the book to the college bookstore yesterday, but the manager said they could not return it until at least Wednesday because I paid with a check.
The lady in line in front of me was having trouble - she was trying to do the "book rental" the bookstore is pushing - their latest gimmick to maximize profits - and they required a credit card to do the rental - if the book is not returned on time, you are charged the full price of the book, in addition to the "book rental fee" you already paid.
She did not have a credit card on her person.
So they had to set her books aside until she returned with a credit card.
I requested a letter saying I was here before the "final return date" but the manager refused. This delay in returning the book is cutting it close, which does not please me.

Today is a parent class/meeting at the workshop to explain the new laws/changes in the laws/ programming changes/ something.
I did get a letter telling me about it/inviting me to it while we were home on leave. and I know I did read it when I marked it on the calendar, but at the moment, the "reason" for this meeting/class/lecture is escaping my brain.
Iz ok
there will be cookies
I assume


Mar. 8th, 2013 11:29 am
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Finally started working on my taxes last night.
After two hours of tying itty bitty numbers into itty bitty boxes, I had had enough.
I think I will put in an hour a day until they are finished. Two hours at one sitting is too long.
I have a deadline for the FAFSA -- my last FAFSA ever, hopefully -- of March 15th, so I need to get the taxes completed to fill out the FAFSA.
March 15th is the next dance.
March 15th is flea market set up.
March 15th is firstborn's birthday.
We are going to take her out for pizza Thursday night. The zilla crew will join us.


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