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Dec. 20th, 2012 07:22 am
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Looking for the gypsies to sell the child.
As the cute guy pointed out to me last night, every time badpenny shows up, we get treated to the entire badpenny attitude.
Two more days of school. Then we have Saturday "off"
I do not like this lack-of-break to get anything done before Christmas.
Tried wrapping a few gifts yesterday morning before work, but that sputtered to a halt when I had to go in search of the tub of boxes. I did find it, but by the time I got it up there, it was time to get ready and leave for work.
Need to run a few errands and get gas today.
Bells were interesting last night. We are now playing THREE different songs for Christmas Eve. Seems like we are not attending that service, we are pretty much putting it on!
That will be like some warped version of whack-a-mole --- pop up and play, go sit down, pop up and play, go sit down...
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Not major snowfall, but quite enough to muck things up and be a pain.
I need to get some shopping done and done now, as if there is junk that must be ordered online, the deadline is this week.
The Day after tomorrow.
The week AFTER Christmas, I have several nice wide swaths of free time to go shopping, but that is too late.
I pretty much have nothing to put under my tree for the locals - a few little dibs and dabs, but there were actual lists provided by two of the giftless five, and I would like to get their non-stocking-stuffer-type gifts from that list that was provided. Sadly, firstborn is, as always, a serious shopping challenge. Life was easier when garthbrooks was putting out a new album every year, as she was his biggest fan. A new album, a shirt featuring his name/face/tour/something, random garthbrooks items-of-silliness....and she was the happiest camper out there.
If anybody has any kind of pull in the showbiz world, give garthbrooks a kickstart, kthanxbi.
Tonight is bells -- as far as I know, all that is coming up on the menu is playing for the 5:00 Christmas Eve service.
Tomorrow Cocoa must go visit cocoaSarah and I have a 2nd Story meeting.
Friday is free at the moment....
Yesterday the cute guy had to go out to energizerbunny's wife's funeral. I was glad to hear that Clayton and Scott and several others from the old shop actually showed up -- it surprised me, to be honest. The cute guy and energizerbunny spent well over a decade working there.
The bugler was a recording, he said. The honor guard did fire the salute, but there was no human bugler playing Taps.
I have NOT found any cute ruffled church-dress-type dresses for grape jelly. I am thinking they are no longer available commercially. I am thinking about sewing, but I do not think zilla would ever dress her in them anyway. I can find "pageant dresses" online, but that is not what I am looking for at all.
Not the same thing -- pageant-dress-fabric and construction is designed for show and not for wear.
Cocoa's owie seems to be healed up, so she has been freed from her cone of shame.


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