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Heading into the unknown this afternoon.
Have a half-day spot at a school I have never laid eyes upon before, and I am totally unsure what I will find when I get there. Luckily, I am only committed for a half-day, so it gives me the chance to find out without any major stress...
I like a half-day afternoon work shift much better than a half-day morning shift, because that means I can get some "house stuff" done.
Ingrained into my very fiber is the idea that "all chores must be completed BEFORE leaving the house or watching television."
I cannot run errands and then come home to clean -- once I leave the house for "running," I am DONE for the day as far as any housework is concerned. That is also why I do not get any cleaning done when the cute guy is off work, because he turns on the tv.
When I worked a swing shift, my house was much cleaner -- I can clean all day and THEN go to work, but I cannot come home from work and then clean house.
My own weird mental quirk - YMMV.
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break time
Been working in the parlor all morning. Reclaiming space and relocating furniture.
Decided to send the encyclopedias in the direction of the zillas. If they do not want them, they can either recycle them or pitch them, no biggie.
I am also filling one grocery bag with assorted craft/decorating magazines and random romance novels for zilla; put the "popular science" set - goes with the encyclopedias - into another bag for the boy, and tossed in a few Robert Ludlum paperbacks. The "kid set" that goes with the encyclopedias has only turned up two of it's ten volumes so far, but that bag is started also.
Currently, there are five brown paper grocery bags filled to head in their direction; two filled to go to Restore; and a half-dozen ready to go to the workshop tomorrow for recycling.
All the Smart Money magazines have or will hit my own recycle bags, as the entire investing world has changed and nothing in there is pertinent any longer.
I strongly suspect having this auspicious number of filled sacks in my living room qualifies me as royalty in the bag lady club...
So I ***am*** making progress. Getting my scrapbooking backlog collected and corralled - will not really get much more done with it until fall, I suspect, but I am getting it under control.
The train is in the living room. It will possibly fit on the cute guy's deck step in the back, so it is on hold for now...but out of my parlor.
Of course, at this exact moment, both the parlor AND the living room look like a bomb exploded in them...
Guess I know what I will be doing after lunch!


Feb. 22nd, 2013 10:35 am
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Once upon a time, when I was young and dinosaurs roamed the earth, Saturday was set aside for chores. Washing and scrubbing and cleaning, oh, my!
Drummed deeply into my brain was the rule "you cannot go anywhere until all your chores are done and everything is clean."
(My brother spent Saturday morning just laying on the couch watching cartoons, but he was the boy and boys did not clean/wash/scrub, as that was "woman's work.")
However...this also drummed something else into my head that I cannot break:
as chores - cleaning and laundry and scrubbing and straightening - all must be done BEFORE one leaves the house, I cannot come home and "get busy" with housekeeping matters. (I also cannot delegate, but that is a different rant)
I go in late every day but Thursday, so I do cleaning and laundry and straightening oh my four mornings a week, but Thursday is off the table. That is the day I get off early, so I can go run errands -- I try to save them all up for my Thursday jaunts. Most of the time it does work, but not always.
I was getting stuff done on Saturday mornings for a while there as well, but our schedule somehow morphed into going to the commissary on Saturday morning instead of Saturday afternoon, taking any possible Saturday cleaning off the table.
So in my traditional manner of borrowing trouble before it arrives by itself, I am worrying about next year. We are dissolving at the end of this school year, and our school will no longer exist. There are current openings aplenty in the system, and theoretically we get "first dibs" on the spots for next year, but I have yet to see any of the "other jobs" out there that would permit me to write my own schedule.
Flailing around, looking for answers -- but it is a real challenge to search for answers when I am unable to even formulate the question, much less articulate the question.
What do I want/need?
Do I need to learn to come home from work and embrace the whole cleaning lady thing?
(possible need, not a want)
Do I need to learn to delegate?
(probably, but I have serious doubts as to my ability to do this one. I have never mastered (nor even attempted) the ability to ask the cute guy "can you do this chore?" and I was not even particularly good at telling my kidlets to "go do this chore right now"
The Jesuits were right, you know
All the crap drummed into our head as a kid is there forever)
I am also struggling with one of my goals/tasks/items on my KateGoalSheet. To be honest, I am scoring a total fail with this one.
Total fail.
It sounds "simple enough" to anybody else -- neither an onerously hard task, nor a particularly time-consuming one...but I cannot seem to do it. It contains enough emotional minefields to blow up the country of your choice, doncha know?
It makes me cry.
And cuss.
And feel sorry for myself.
Kitchen floor: on five days per week, for three consecutive months, I will sweep the kitchen floor. On one day each week, I will also mop the kitchen floor.
Sounds so innocent, does it not?


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