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Jun. 14th, 2013 07:13 am
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The Minot Magic Squares, North Dakota’s newest Square Dance Club, is proud to announce they are sponsoring a free square dance festival in the City Park in Garrison, North Dakota on Saturday, June 22, 2013.

There will be free square dancing from 1:00 to 5:00 with callers Doc Brooks and Mel Diers, who will both be calling at the festival

The square dance festival will be held rain or shine – in the event of rain, the dance will be moved to the Garrison City Auditorium

Come on out and celebrate a great festival with Square Dancing and fun at the Garrison City Park!

June 22, 2013 from 1:00 to 5:00 PM

All square dancers are welcome, from beginners that have never heard the words “do-si-do” to square dance experts that have danced for 99 years!

There will be something for everyone – come on out and Swing Your Partner!

For more information, contact Minot Magic Squares Presidents Gene or Nikki Paulsen at 701-839-0755

Minot Magic Squares’

“Festival in the Park”

June 22, 2013

At the bandstand, in the city park, Garrison, North Dakota

1 PM to 5PM

Bring your partners, your lawn chairs and your laughter for a “kick up your heels”…alcohol free…rip-roaring time.

Bad weather…no problem…in the event of inclement weather…the dance will be moved to the Garrison Auditorium.

Callers: Doc Brooks and Mel Diers

Not a square dancer?? Not sure you would like square dancing?? There will be a few opportunities for non-dancers to “give it a try”.


Only the price of your gas to get to Garrison. If you have a great time, you are always welcome to make a “free-will” offering.

(we are encouraging our club members to wear "traditional square dance dress" but it is certainly not required -- some plan on camping at Fort Stevenson, and they are far more likely to be wearing jeans or shorts - I cannot imagine camping while dressed in a cancan!)
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...were limited at best. I did get to close the books on one thing from my short term list - I got the thank you notes in the mail. Added my board meeting minutes to the short term list, so it still has four things listed on it involving a "Pressing deadline."
Got seven other "checkmarks" scattered on my chart, giving me "partial success" in two columns and "full weekly success" in one.
As there are eight columns, checkmarks in three of the eight is not impressive, but it **is** progress.
Started the new round of square dance lessons last night. Gagged at doc going on and on with his nomination to sainthood for perfectjerry, but otherwise it all went well. No, perfectsaintjerry was NOT there - he rarely is. For some reason, however, doc totally worships him and slobbers at his feet when he does show up.
And goes on and on with slobbering praise for him if he doesn't show up.
We had two new couples and three brand new women, plus one gal that did take the lessons last spring. Hoping to get a few more next week - there was one brand new guy that was supposed to be there, but he had something come up - his sister-in-law is part of the group already - and there is one gal from church that had planned to come - she also took the class last spring. She was not in church Sunday either, so she might have been sick.
Come. Bring your friends.
Goldy had issues last night, so the cute guy had to go deal with it. He will put in a new heater fan this weekend, I guess. Until then, I guess we will punt. I will drive Goldy today, as I only have to go to the school five blocks away. If it was warm, it is walking distance.


Nov. 16th, 2012 07:40 am
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Personally, I would do better with three days off before Thanksgiving instead of three days after, but that is the way this silly system works. If I got to write the school calendar, the Christmas break would end the 27th of Dec, with the extra week off before Christmas instead of after Christmas.
"New Years Eve" is a holiday for amature drunks, not schoolchildren.
Decided on my recipiants for charitable donations for next year. I have decided to formulate a canned response to all the billions of calls I get requesting donations for XYZ.
Need to call the moosekateers this morning to nail down those extra dance dates that were thrust upon me. I have to see which dates we can use the moose for before I call the parker for the rest, as several of these dates are not going to be available at the moose.
I am actually glad to have extra Friday-night dances, to be sure -- I just do not like the underhanded sleight-of-hand way this schedule was changed, and I am feeling pissy that the actual nuts-and-bolts work of nailing down the venues was dumped onto me.
One of those things, I guess...
For the lessons, the bone they tossed was to have a "schedule" for "others" to "step up and do the set up and clean up" so it was not always on us. I need to list my camera dates for this little ditty and have them in my square dance stuff -- there are a few dates where I would rather be elsewhere instead of playing girl scout leader to the dance lesson students.
Everything gets scheduled on Monday nights -- last year, there were at least five Mondays where there were two or three other things we/I had to turn down/miss because of the committment to giving these dance lessons. Which, in all honesty, if I was actually a part of the lessons and not just playing at being the hostess keeping all of the crap moving along, would not have left me so pissy about having to miss...
If I actually got to DANCE at the dance lessons, it would not be so aggravating.


Apr. 17th, 2012 11:36 am
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Must be a boat, as I have acquired barnacles.


Got the Square dance date list set for the rest of the year. We will not start a new session of lessons in the fall -- we will wait until late January. The first session ended and then this one started up right away, with no break between sessions. WE are tired of lessons. The cute guy, because he is stuck partnering all the new gals who came for lessons but brought no partner into the deal -- me, because I do not get to do much dancing, because there are so many "student" females at the lessons.
So we are ready to just have normal dances for fun instead of lessons for a while.
Not sure how these Monday night dances will work out. They were duly voted upon as being the "preferred night" for the summer dances....so we shall see how it goes.


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