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This afternoon is the will appointment.
We put it off far too long.
Since I started wearing my new glasses, I have been battling a low-grade headache. Not enough of a headache to take to my bed, but enough to leave me cranky. It does not take much to set me off into crankyland.
I cannot guarantee the headaches are caused by the new glasses, but I am seriously starting to think I need to go back in to the eye doctor and get it checked.
There are other "medical PIA" factors at work, so I cannot guarantee the problem is caused by the glasses - but the timing is suspicious. And I really do not want to take drugs for the other things if it could be fixed by simply changing my glasses.
Then we have to go take the kidlet out to the base to get a new ID card. Naturally, the snow is supposed to start at 2:00...and we cannot leave for base until 3:00.
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Not pleased with the re-appearance of BadPenny.
Yes, I do realize that these poorly-timed reappearances are a hallmark of bad pennies everywhere -- but I am still not pleased.
Cocoa has an owie. I started putting booboo cream on it the day before yesterday -- the cute guy was using peroxide to clean it for several days before that - as she keeps it scratched he dug out the cone of shame so I could put the booboo cream on it and she will not keep scratching it open. Hopefully it will clear up quickly now that she cannot keep tearing it open.
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Today is some sort of weird training day for the teachers. The kids will get out early, so we had to re-schedule the 3rd graders that were supposed to have library this afternoon to Friday instead.


Apr. 17th, 2012 11:36 am
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Must be a boat, as I have acquired barnacles.


Got the Square dance date list set for the rest of the year. We will not start a new session of lessons in the fall -- we will wait until late January. The first session ended and then this one started up right away, with no break between sessions. WE are tired of lessons. The cute guy, because he is stuck partnering all the new gals who came for lessons but brought no partner into the deal -- me, because I do not get to do much dancing, because there are so many "student" females at the lessons.
So we are ready to just have normal dances for fun instead of lessons for a while.
Not sure how these Monday night dances will work out. They were duly voted upon as being the "preferred night" for the summer we shall see how it goes.


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