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My last day of the Christmas break, anyway - tomorrow is Saturday and so then it is back to the normal weekend stuff.
This was my last day off to be here to get house stuff done.
I did not accomplish nearly as much in here as I hoped during the break, but that is not exactly news.
However, yesterday the young son was able to hook up my old hard drive to my computer so I could save all my stuff. I find this to be a Very Good Thing.

I am not sure what to think - I have always had a "typing problem" wherein I would hit extra keys - it was joking referred to as "fat finger syndrome" by other people. I never took offense to that one because I have small hands - I think young son with his huge hands would take offense to it
Then fast forward to now
I do not know if it is the new computer, a failing keyboard or what...but I keep finding myself typing along and discover that half of the letters I typed did not register.
So I end up with gobbledegook
I hope to find an answer before I lose my itty-bitty mind!

The weatherman is evil
But you already knew that

I un-decorated my tree. Took down the stockings. I did not have much "up" in my house this year, but all the inside Christmas stuff is down except the itty-bitty tree - after the cute guy gets home, I need to ask him if it has a box.


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