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Mar. 11th, 2013 11:02 am
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We went to the new Kohl's store on Saturday.
We had stopped by Wednesday night, but it was a madhouse.
We wanted to pick up the new pillow for the cute guy.
They were out. It took quite some time for the guy working to verify this, so when he finally did figure out that they were out, he suggested using their in-store kiosk to order it and there are no shipping charges.
This kiosk is not user friendly.
Kohl's guy was not having any luck, so he pulled in IT guy and Manager guy to help.
After 30 minutes of user-unfriendly battling with the kiosk by the Kohl's guys, the order **was** eventually placed. Had **I** been trying to use this kiosk, I would have given up after the third try...but the Kohl's guys were in full-out battle mode.
The cute guy suggested they should suggest at the next meeting the kiosk needs a hammer on a chain attached for frustrated customers.
After battling the kiosk, we wandered the clothes and misc stuff. I found a few things to try on. There were a few things I saw on the rack but would not try on because they were made in China. Hey, I may be anal but at least I am consistent!
I grabbed both large and extra large in everything because I did not know how their sizes run there. (As it turned out, their sizes run all over the map, so this was a good choice)
I am going to need to try Penney's or Herberger's for an Easter dress, because the only dress I found that fit right looked horrible. (on me -- it looked great on the hanger)
They do not appear to carry any pants for me, however. There is no possible spot in my imagination of any world where I would voluntarily wear pedal pushers, and I did not even see anything else in the store.
Aside from that, I battled tax forms and discovered I need to call the bank for interest info.
I will go by there this afternoon.
This is my final FAFSA form to fill out, hopefully. Due Friday, so I need to get the interest info and get my tax form done.
Sorted my bib bin last night. I pulled out the Christmas stuff, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Valentines day bibs and a wreath, as they are out of season. I did leave in two or three valentine things that were just "hearts" and no so much in-your-face-valentine.


Mar. 8th, 2013 11:29 am
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Finally started working on my taxes last night.
After two hours of tying itty bitty numbers into itty bitty boxes, I had had enough.
I think I will put in an hour a day until they are finished. Two hours at one sitting is too long.
I have a deadline for the FAFSA -- my last FAFSA ever, hopefully -- of March 15th, so I need to get the taxes completed to fill out the FAFSA.
March 15th is the next dance.
March 15th is flea market set up.
March 15th is firstborn's birthday.
We are going to take her out for pizza Thursday night. The zilla crew will join us.


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