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Dec. 26th, 2012 10:20 am
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Being in need of a kick start, I am signing on to Kate's idea here.

Health - Pretty tolerable. Would like to lose 35 pounds, but not my top priority right now.

Education - Do I want to get my MLA? Being landlocked, can I get my MLA?

Employment - School ends in May. Forever. So since this school ends, and I know I want to stay in the system, where do I want to go and what do I want to do when I get there? I do know I want/need daily co-workers in my next gig. Do I want to shop schools or principals?

Daily Living - Is the maintenance on my car up to date? oil changes are on my schedule for stuff-that-Must-be-done this month
Is my house clean, safe and tidy? HAHAHA

Finances - Do I have a will? need a new one. STAT

Social - How often do I communicate with my family members? Are these communications positive?
How many friends do I have? How often do I interact with them?
Do I regularly dine out/see movies with others?
This one -- going out to dinner with friends -- I think this really needs to make the list of something to make a point to do this year. That is the only way we will ever see D&L, and we both do enjoy their company.
Am I active in clubs or charitable organizations? Do I volunteer? Am I more comfortable in person, on the phone, on the internet? Read my email? Invite friends into my home?

Leisure - Do I have a hobby? Play a sport? How often do I engage in it? When was the last time I went on vacation? To the park? Am I happy with the amount of time I spend with my hobbies or vacation? What projects have I completed this year? What recognition have I received for these? What is my skill level? Do I enjoy doing this?

Inspiration - What is my basic belief system? Do I practice it? Am I satisfied with this? How about joyful? What makes me laugh? Do I do it? How often?

Is this the right church for us? Is there a different church where the cute guy and the smallbear would be happier/more engaged?

Points to ponder, indeed.


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