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Bestbaby started yesterday - and **I** start today.
Just one class on Wednesday nights - I figure I can take one each semester. Or one each year, depending on how it works out.


Aug. 25th, 2015 11:12 am
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Well, I tried to return the book to the college bookstore yesterday, but the manager said they could not return it until at least Wednesday because I paid with a check.
The lady in line in front of me was having trouble - she was trying to do the "book rental" the bookstore is pushing - their latest gimmick to maximize profits - and they required a credit card to do the rental - if the book is not returned on time, you are charged the full price of the book, in addition to the "book rental fee" you already paid.
She did not have a credit card on her person.
So they had to set her books aside until she returned with a credit card.
I requested a letter saying I was here before the "final return date" but the manager refused. This delay in returning the book is cutting it close, which does not please me.

Today is a parent class/meeting at the workshop to explain the new laws/changes in the laws/ programming changes/ something.
I did get a letter telling me about it/inviting me to it while we were home on leave. and I know I did read it when I marked it on the calendar, but at the moment, the "reason" for this meeting/class/lecture is escaping my brain.
Iz ok
there will be cookies
I assume
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Need to get cracking on getting packed and ready to go!
I took the day off yesterday. Did no work to speak of - not at all. Started a few times, and got a VeryNiceInterruption every time I started to do anything.
It was a VeryGoodDay indeed.
**I** had a great birthday.
Much love, no drama.


Jul. 21st, 2015 10:12 am
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Had to wake up the puppydog this morning.
That was odd.
Normally she gets up and goes out while the cute guy is getting ready for work, but today she was sleeping late. I checked her to make sure she was just sleeping and not unconscious, and let her sleep. However, I finally decided that "sleeping till noon" was not an option for her any more than it was for my kids during the summer - yes, I was one of those mean old moms that still made the kids get up in the summertime!
Cocoa has reached that point where she sleeps more than she is awake.
Sad to see her aging so fast, but it is a fact of puppydog life.
I read Go Set A Watchman this week - once quickly, to see what happens, then once slowly, to savor. I do love the way she turns a phrase.
Supposed to be sunny all day, but it sure looks like rain...


Jul. 17th, 2015 11:22 am
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Just because that means I made the entire week of posting!
Still in freezer-panic mode
It is staying at "freezing" but that is not where the deep-freeze is supposed to sit. It is supposed to be 0F, not 0C.
Suggestions at Ryan yesterday said there is a possibility that one of the tubes is frost-plugged, so before totally we throw it away, turn it off for 24 hours and try again. If it **is** frost plugging a cooling tube, that should fix it.
**crosses fingers**

Still have one more week on the petsafe contest we are pushing on the book of face as our final pay-it-forward.
I play a game on the book of face, where I tend an imaginary zoo. While I love my zoo - what **IS** wrong with my brain that I got sucked into "working" at an imaginary job, anyway? - after the contest ends, I think I am going to have to back off and take a break from the book of face. My poor imaginary critters may starve, but it is time...

Still waiting to see if the 2nd set of fingerprints is readable...
So odds are now HIGH that I will NOT have my license before we leave, eliminating any chance to make the rounds of schools before the school year starts.

Cute guy gets off at 2:30 today, giving him a miniature-long-weekend.
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Tis my princessbride's birthday!
Should be hot- she was born on the hottest day of the year 110F (ambient air temp) at Holloman AFB; she was married on the hottest day of the year - not sure of the actual ambient temp that day, but the heat index (kind of like wind chill, but in reverse) was 114F
I did not sign up for any of the post-every-day-for-x-number-of-days challenges, but I think this is several day in a row now - gotta be a record for me!
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Current Vote Count 6,140 - See more at:

The Oakaholics are pushing Moore OK in the dog park contest as our pay-it-forward
I seriously suspect it is the last of our on-line-voting contests
if you have a facebook you can just log in with FB and then you get to vote twice a day - once on the link and then click "vote with facebook" and vote a 2nd time
No, we do not have any connection to Oklahoma, but this is another town that suffered through a natural disaster


Jun. 26th, 2015 11:37 pm
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having this "visiting puppydog" is more work than I expected
still working on kitchen
have not started pantry or dining room yet
MIL coming next week
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Took off the pool cover yesterday. Algae green!


Jun. 5th, 2015 10:08 am
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Braided my hair yesterday. Tried it again today. It is much easier braiding someone else's hair than it is to braid my own.

popping in

Mar. 6th, 2015 03:12 pm
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Just popping in to say hi!
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My last day of the Christmas break, anyway - tomorrow is Saturday and so then it is back to the normal weekend stuff.
This was my last day off to be here to get house stuff done.
I did not accomplish nearly as much in here as I hoped during the break, but that is not exactly news.
However, yesterday the young son was able to hook up my old hard drive to my computer so I could save all my stuff. I find this to be a Very Good Thing.

I am not sure what to think - I have always had a "typing problem" wherein I would hit extra keys - it was joking referred to as "fat finger syndrome" by other people. I never took offense to that one because I have small hands - I think young son with his huge hands would take offense to it
Then fast forward to now
I do not know if it is the new computer, a failing keyboard or what...but I keep finding myself typing along and discover that half of the letters I typed did not register.
So I end up with gobbledegook
I hope to find an answer before I lose my itty-bitty mind!

The weatherman is evil
But you already knew that

I un-decorated my tree. Took down the stockings. I did not have much "up" in my house this year, but all the inside Christmas stuff is down except the itty-bitty tree - after the cute guy gets home, I need to ask him if it has a box.
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Cold and bitter - supposed to be warmer today, however - possibly into double-digits above zero!
Woo hoo?


Sep. 2nd, 2014 02:21 pm
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MY back yard is filled with defective birds.
WHY are they defective, you ask?
Because if they were proper birds, they would eat all the insects and I would not have gotten stung this morning!

song list


Aug. 25th, 2014 10:36 am
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My internet explorer was not working, so I downloaded firefox
firefox is nasty
popup ads all over the place do not please me!
what is a good browser???
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As my letter did not run in the Minot paper yesterday, I sent it to the Bismarck paper this morning.
**crosses fingers**
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Random stuff I think I want:
a fireplace - a real wood-burning one, not a fake one
a butler's pantry between the huge gourmet kitchen and the formal dining room
a sliding glass door off the dining room that leads to a big deck/patio, suitable for use as an outdoor living room
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I hate the new style they snuck in on my LJ
I cannot comment properly - because this is wrong.


May. 2nd, 2014 12:08 pm
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Stuff and nonsense abounds.
Had an officer's meeting last night. As has been my experience with committees, nothing was actually accomplished.
A committee.
With no results.
Imagine that!
Planted my new rosebushes yesterday.
I hope they grow and bloom.
I deserve great good brownie points for keeping my mouth shut at the meeting last night.
Yay me!
I invented a new game/exercise. I will call it "Bowling for sodbusters"
I had to get rid of my sod clumps from the area I planted the roses, so they are now all residing in the raspberry patch. I had to toss/bowl them across the yard to get them there, hopefully knocking off some of the good black dirt to go back into the lawn in the process.
Errands to run this afternoon.

M-27, G-29

Apr. 16th, 2014 10:10 am
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Hoo boy
Not like I am counting down or anything.
I need to make my list and check it twice.
Or maybe three times.
Changed groomer appointment so the puppydog will be clean and fresh for the gma visit.


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