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2017-01-02 11:39 pm

dw backup

can somebody explain in words of one syllable how to back up my lj to dw?
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2017-01-01 08:43 pm

hiya 2017

Happy new year!
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2016-12-31 08:59 am

check in

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2016-12-06 10:44 pm


Put up my tree!
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2016-11-21 11:10 am
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Have a small fuzzy visitor today.
Bestpalmom accepted an offer on her house, contingent upon passing a home inspection - and the home inspectors are going through with a fine-tooth comb today. Small fuzzy critters need to move out for such things. While Teddy is a tiny critter - six pounds, I think she said - it would be easy for him to get lost, hurt, or in the way as they are coming and going and thumping on pipes. Not sure exactly what the inspectors do, but I imagine watching to make sure the dog does not slip out is not particularly high on their list.
He is a distraction, so I am not sitting in a blubbering heap and sobbing about my missing kinders.
He is marginally housebroke - by the time Bestpalmom got him, he was at least five or maybe eight - I honestly cannot remember when she got him, and he is 14 now - anyway, the old lady that owned him before diapered him. So it was a challenge for her to teach him to potty. He does not go to the door and bark or anything for me to know when he needs to go, so I just watch him and mostly just take him outside every hour or two. After being well trained by the larger version - Summit is the same color, and percentage wise has the same amount of fluff, just in a larger package - I take Teddy out on the leash to avoid escape attempts!
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2016-10-10 04:53 pm


Monday happened
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2016-07-29 10:04 am

bon bons

No chore list today, as it is my birthday, so I will just sit around and eat bonbons all day.
How is that different from any other day?
I won't even feel guilty about being lazy today!
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2016-07-19 08:44 am
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tempest in a teapot

The things tagged as "plagiarized" in this speech are all tired clichés. I actually think we already saw this on an episode of "the Good Wife" regarding a college entrance essay, where the kid was accused of plagiarizing because she used a few cliches and bible quotes in her essay!

Mind you, I did not listen to the speech. I have better things to do than watch the convention. I do not want to watch either party crown their respective nominee, because I cannot stomach either of them.
Actually, even if I did like either of them, I still would not watch the convention. I do not watch "award shows" either. Emmy, Oscar, tony...not my thing.
Unless my kid is getting one of the awards, I am not going to suffer through the award presentations.

my title is ***ALSO*** a cliché.
c'est la vie
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2016-06-28 12:48 pm


Made it home last night.
Was planning to update today, but it looks like that will be tomorrow...
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2016-05-25 09:22 am


Supposed to rain all day
yucky weather for fuzzy puppydogs
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2016-05-09 04:03 pm


Went to the eye doctor.
Still have two eyes.
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2016-04-05 11:22 am
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Rainy and gloomy.
I haz a cranky anyway.
We got back our picture slips from the regional photo contest last night. I had two pictures get "good scores" but they did not win anything.
This is why I do not normally compete -- I am a sore loser.
If I can't win, I do not like to play.
Sounds like a personal problem...
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2016-03-30 11:29 am

unknown quality

Heading into the unknown this afternoon.
Have a half-day spot at a school I have never laid eyes upon before, and I am totally unsure what I will find when I get there. Luckily, I am only committed for a half-day, so it gives me the chance to find out without any major stress...
I like a half-day afternoon work shift much better than a half-day morning shift, because that means I can get some "house stuff" done.
Ingrained into my very fiber is the idea that "all chores must be completed BEFORE leaving the house or watching television."
I cannot run errands and then come home to clean -- once I leave the house for "running," I am DONE for the day as far as any housework is concerned. That is also why I do not get any cleaning done when the cute guy is off work, because he turns on the tv.
When I worked a swing shift, my house was much cleaner -- I can clean all day and THEN go to work, but I cannot come home from work and then clean house.
My own weird mental quirk - YMMV.
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2016-02-29 08:20 am


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2016-02-03 09:48 am

the camel is speaking

...but he really does not say very much that makes sense.
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2015-11-04 12:50 pm
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I am annoyed with my dentist office.
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2015-10-28 02:36 pm

foul four letter words

There were icky white flakes in the air today.
To top it off, there was Hail pounding down a little while ago.
All the yucky white stuff seems to be in attack mode...
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2015-10-02 09:43 am
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The lights are on at the House on Pooh Corner in the Neighborhood of Make Believe!
Let the holiday season commence!
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2015-09-17 09:10 am
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dusting off my inkpen

I did not take my cactus to class, and it was glorious!
Got the rubric for the first assigned paper - it will be interesting to try to squeeze my thoughts into his limited scope for this paper. I am already seeing I will be writing two essays - one for this assignment, and one that rambles on and on and on to get all my thoughts down!
Silly professor "300-450 words, double spaced"
I need 300 words just to write a grocery list!
I am currently running a bunch of disjointed ideas through my head...